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                                                                     Enterprise spirit: cooperate with great strength and strengthen for winning;

                                                                     The Chinese word ‘Ding’ has meanings of supremacy, biggest object and highest object. It symbolizes the blending   of   strength and culture and transmits a sense of mission and an appealing power to people.

                                                                      Dingcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. develops and grows not only because of operators’ operation principle of looking far and aiming high, but also because of close communication and mutual support of customers, employees and operators in the company. In this way, Dingcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. becomes a fusion of all kinds of powers. The power provides motive power for continuous grow and progress of the enterprise. With joint efforts of all parties, a good atmosphere that the enterprise communicates with customers in zero distance and shares profits with employees is realized.

                                                                      With a new historical opportunity, Dingcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. will further stick to its original idea; persist in the continuous pioneering & innovation; keep up with higher standards; provide customers with value-added products; provide each employee who creates wealth with his/her own intelligence and hard work with a good growth platform in order that he/she can realize personal values; strive to build Dingcheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. into a domestic first-class and internationally-famous aluminum processing enterprise.

                                                                Company Address: Jingkou Industrial Park, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province (on west side of 338 Provincial Road/Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal) TEL:0511-83321798 83327100 Fax:3327101 Zip Code:212141 Email:

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